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2016-2017 Staff

Andrew Wilson

Staff Writer

Andrew Wilson is a sophomore and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He runs on the Mount Michael track and ...

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Jared Cremers

Staff Writer

Jared Cremers lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He plays soccer and loves watching football, track, and soccer. He...

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Jimmy Crotty

Staff Writer

Jimmy Crotty is a sophomore and lives in Blair, Nebraska. He is on the bowling team and enjoys reading...

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Max Nguyen

Staff Writer

Max Nguyen is new to the journalism team. He enjoys writing pieces for the Freelance. In his free time...

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Taylor Davis

Staff Writer

Taylor Davis is a sophomore who lives in Bennington, Nebraska. Taylor plays football and throws for t...

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Daniel Davies

Staff Writer

Daniel Davies is a sophomore who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He decided to join Journalism 1 due to his...

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Nolan Zeger

Staff Writer

Nolan Zeger is a sophomore and lives in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  He plays soccer for Gretna Soccer Club a...

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Temi Adeyemo

Staff Writer

Temi Adeyemo is a sophomore and a first year journalism student. He graduated from Fort Clarke Middle School ...

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Drew Carleton

Staff Writer

Drew Carleton is a sophomore and a new member to the team. He is also new to the Mount Michael Commun...

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Cole Kalkowski

Staff Writer

Cole Kalkowski is currently a sophomore. He participates in cross country, basketball and soccer. His inte...

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Joey Recker

Staff Writer

Joey Recker is a junior and a staff writer on the team, particularly specializing in features. He participat...

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Kyeongmin Kim

Staff Writer

Kyeongmin Kim is a junior. From South Korea, he is one of the three international students on the Journalism team. On the team he take...

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Andrew Ahn

In-Depth Editor

Andrew Ahn is currently a senior. He is in his second year on the journalism team and is the in-depth...

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Homer Xu

Lead Photographer

Homer Xu, senior, is the lead photographer. He is in his second year with the journalism program. He...

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Brian Schneider

Staff Writer

Brian Schneider is a graduate of Saint Vincent de Paul grade school. He is currently a senior. Schneider...

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Jeffrey Prince

Editor-in-Chief of the Freelance

Jeffrey Prince is a senior and it is his third year with the journalism program. He is the Editor-i...

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Nicholas Orr

Staff Writer

Nicholas Orr is a graduate of St. Patrick's School in Elkhorn. He is currently a junior. He is intereste...

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Andrew Nigro

Staff Writer

This is Andrew's second year being on the journalism team. He enjoys writing about sports. As a junior,...

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Ben Murray

Editor-in-Chief of the Mount

Co-Founder of the Freelance, and in his third year with the journalism program. After helping to found...

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Nash Kelly

Editor-in-Chief of the Seeker

Nash Kelly is a senior. He is currently a staff writer on the newspaper and the yearbook editor in chief. He enjoys writing ...

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Cade Johnson

Social Media Editor

Cade Johnson is a third year journalism student and the social media editor. He is a self proclaimed "social...

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Daniel Jewell

Sports Editor

Daniel Jewell is currently a senior. He participates in baseball, basketball, and football, and is a student a...

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Hudson Hohman

Staff Writer

Hudson Hohman is a junior. He participates in football, mock trial, and journalism. He enjoys going out with friends, you can...

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Miles Hock

Copy Editor

Miles Hock is currently a senior. He is the copy editor of all publications. His favorite pieces include o...

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Patrick Halpin

Features Editor

Patrick Halpin is the senior features editor of both the Mount and the Freelance. He participates in football and soccer. He enjoys ...

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Michael Ecker

News Editor

Michael Ecker is currently a senior. He is in his third year on the journalism team. Michael is the news...

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Ben Bies

Staff Writer

Ben Bies is a junior staff writer for the Mount Michael Freelance and newspaper.  He graduated from St. Gerald in Ralston.  B...

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Jack Avilla

Staff Writer

Jack Avilla is a current junior. He is beginning his first year on the Journalism team. He also participate...

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Kevin Arul

Entertainment Editor and Co-Graphic Editor

Kevin Arul is currently a senior. He is in his third year on the journalism team. Kevin is the entertainment...

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