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Staff Weighs in on Suicide Squad

August 30, 2016

Suicide Squad Misses the Mark

The biggest villains for Suicide Squad were trailers and Christopher Nolan. Before I start I would like to clarify that I am not a DC hater, in fact I really wanted this movie to be good. But this movie is just not good.

The plot follows various villains forced by the government to fight a greater evil to save the world. This is the central plot however there are many side plot that seem to be made just to divert the audience’s attention from the squad itself. Like many other DC movies this movie also feels rushed. You can tell that DC is making this movie just to keep up with Marvel rather than taking their time.

Marvel took about 4 years to give each character a movie to set up a backstory so each character is explored deeply. DC however takes about 15 minutes in the beginning of the movie to give each character a backstory. This is very unfortunate because in the comics all these characters have so many layers to them which this movie failed to show. The lack of character development seemed to affect great performances; Will Smith played Deadshot perfectly but since you didn’t know much about his characters past, the acting didn’t matter as much.

Another problem I found with this movie is that the Suicide Squad, who are supposed to be evil, were rather good. The whole concept of the Suicide Squad was to show evil people fighting evil while still being evil, but in this movie they portrayed the villains in a way which we were supposed to feel bad for the villains.

While this may seem absurd, I felt Suicide Squad would have been better if they released no trailers. The trailers were very misleading in concerns to the tone of this film. The trailers made it seem like this movie would be a 2 hour action packed movie, but that is far from the truth. The actual movie has a relative slow pace, while the action is there it seems far too rushed and reminiscent of a Transformers movie (the newer ones).

One of the most anticipated parts of this movie was Jared Leto as the Joker and unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the hype but it wasn’t Leto’s fault. The Joker was completely unnecessary to this film, it seemed like they put him in this movie just to have him in there. You can tell that Leto put a lot of effort in to play this character but it all seems pointless because of his limited screen time. His Joker doesn’t leave you with anything memorable but it’s because of the lack of him in the movie. Even Leto has spoken up and is frustrated with the lack of his screen time in the theatrical final cut. Another disadvantage with Leto’s Joker is Heath Ledger. No one can ever forget Ledger’s especially in only eight years.

Overall the actors all shine in their roles but it is all weighed down by bad editing, bad screenplay and bad character development.

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    Suicide Squad Hits the Mark

    Suicide Squad might have a 26 on Rotten Tomatoes and the trailers might have over-hyped the movie, but I still like it. Even though it has a worse rating than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I think that despite all the negative feedback from viewers it was a good movie.

    From what I have heard from everyone that saw the movie, their biggest complaint was that the Joker was not in it enough. From what I saw in the movie, the Joker might have just been a taste as to what is to come. In the DC comics the Joker is not a big part of the Suicide Squad. So why would the screen writers include the Joker? My guess is that the Joker was in the film to give their audience something to look forward to, like a preview.

    As long as previews are in the air, the trailers for Suicide Squad are just how most trailers go. The trailer makes it look amazing, but the movie is not what it promised. Very rarely will there be a movie where the trailers are not as good. So from the moment I saw the Suicide Squad trailer, I knew that the movie would not be as good as it was made out to be. That should have been expected by everyone. So when someone says that Suicide Squad is trash because the trailers over-hyped it, I think that they should have expected it.

    Another complaint was about the characters that were actually in the movie. However I think that the characters were great. Will Smith was an amazing Deadshot and Margot Robbie was a great Harley Quinn.

    That was the biggest complaint though. People believe that there was too much character development on Deadshot and Harley Quinn. The rest of the characters were not given enough background and story and screen time.

    With that being said, the plot made it for Deadshot to be a sort of leader for the Suicide Squad. As far as Harley Quinn, her relationship with the Joker is a big reason for her screen time. If you take the Joker out of the movie, she wouldn’t be there as much.

    If you think about it though, if every character had equal development, it would not provide the mystery behind some of the characters, which makes them even creepier. It is hard to make bad guys bad if you give them a long, sad, and interesting backstory. I believe that the backstory problem is not a problem at all and people are just finding ways to make the movie look bad.

    The music from the movie seems to be the one big praise that the movie did get though. The soundtrack has hits that are still on the top charts. Big hits being “Sucker for Pain” featuring Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, and X Ambassadors and purple Lamborghini. The other really big song being “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots.

    Overall, I think if you do not see the trailers too much and do not know a whole lot about the comic origins of the Suicide Squad, like I do, you would think that the movie is good. That and I think that Suicide Squad is just DC establishing future films and trying to be as good as Marvel. They are not as good yet, but they are trying and I think Suicide Squad was a decent attempt at it.



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