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Formal Dress Attire is an Opportunity to Get Funky

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Every year, starting in October, students change out their school attire from polos and shorts to button down shirts, ties, and pants. To some, they can’t wait till spring, but to others it is a time to get funky.

From square ties to crazy socks, students have found ways to express their enthusiasm for the dress code. I believe that if you can’t get out of the dress code, then you should go in style.

Joey Recker ‘18 knows how to do that. His clothes express his individuality. He does this by experimenting with his clothes.

“There is so much that you can experiment with, for example, different colors and shoes. Other details that can be experimented with include the cuffs of your shirt or as simple as the tuck of your shirt. You can also wear modern or vintage style clothing.”

Some students like to make their own fashion statement. They do this by finding and wearing the most wacky and unreasonable dress combinations. A model for crazy formal dress is Joseph Horgan ‘17. You may see him around school wearing one of his flower ties or his tie that has Santa with the reindeer. He has some advice.

“You need to go to Goodwill or a thrift shop, and buy the most absurd shirt and tie combinations you can find. Also, make sure your clothes never match, and always wear Christmas ties out of season.”

The beauty of our dress code is that while students express their individuality in lots of ways, they are still staying focused in school. When you are in the classroom, no one pays attention to other people’s ties or what they are wearing. School is more important to the students and the professional style dress code keeps students more disciplined in the classroom.

For some sports at Mount Michael, the players wear formal dress to their games. The Mount Michael’s tie, a pair of khakis, and a white button down shirt are worn by all players. This makes the school look polished. English teacher Mr. Ed Wilberding likes the look.

“I think the the shirts and ties give Mount Michael its own identity. Wearing them to away games makes them look sharp and unified.”

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Formal Dress Attire is an Opportunity to Get Funky