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Seniors Strengthen Bond on Last Retreat

November 1, 2016

Brotherhood and community are two words that carry meaning to members of Mount Michael. After spending three years with each other, the senior class created a strong bond.

Part of their relationship is from a common faith. Since Mount Michael is a Catholic school, many students are members of the Catholic faith. This means that religion classes are part of the curriculum and each class goes on a retreat every year. This year the senior class went on retreat to Boys Town’s campus.

“As a teen it’s sometimes hard to follow your faith,” Drew Goddard ‘17 said. “But going to Mount Michael has helped me follow my faith.”

The class of 2017 is the last class to not go to Boys Town for their freshman year retreat. They have gone to the Pro Sanctity Center every year.

“The Pro Sanctity Center was a nice place to go,” Nick Carson ‘17 said. “Going to Boys Town this year was a fun change though.”

The students first went into the chapel at Boys Town. Father Dan showed the class a group of statues that was the scene of twelve year old Jesus. He explained the importance of listening to every member of the group including the smallest voice.

“The advice Father Dan gave us was very important,” Goddard said. “We were able to avoid arguing by listening to everyone.”

The group then visited the grave of Father Flanagan. The students listened to Fr. Dan as he explained the story behind the founder of Boys Town.

“We watched the movie about Boys Town sophomore year,” Jean-Marie Djidjoho ‘17. “But seeing his grave was a different experience.”

After a short bus ride, the students went to the rope course. There were numerous activities that were set up. Members of the Boys Town community split the seniors into different groups.

“Since we didn’t pick the groups there was people I normally wouldn’t have picked,” Djidjoho said. “So it was hard to get along with some people in the group.”

Some of the seniors favorite activities were the wall climb and the Mario course. Students had to work together to get every member of their team up the wall. Each group had to make a plan to pick the order of who would go up.

“We had to think about who would be able to lift people up easily,” Goddard said. “They had to be spread out to maximise their use. It came down to Jack Straka jumping and Nick Vetter catching him. It was an intense minute.”

The Mario course was a group of obstacles where students had to walk across different wires using ropes and each other. The members had to work together to get as many people accross as possible.

“We were able to get seven people all the way through before time ran out,” Carson said. “It took all of us to help each other get through.”

The seniors finished their last retreat with smiles on many faces.

“It was a great last retreat,” Goddard said. “I had a lot of fun with some of my best friends.”

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