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First Academic Decathlon Scrimmage: A First of Many Victories to Come

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  The academic decathlon team started their quest for their third small school state championship at their first scrimmage at Pius X. Although there was no official team winners at the scrimmage, the decathletes won the large majority of the medals, looking to continue the dominance at scrimmages.

  For many of the team members, the scrimmage was the first official competition that they participated in. In fact, there are more people in the team  this year than any of the past years.

  Temi Adeyemo ’19 was one of the new additions to the team.

  “I was a little nervous at first,” Adeyemo said. “I was surprised at the results; I was first in art.” Although he did not feel that he prepared as well as he could have, he was very pleased with his own performance. He also was impressed to see that most of his teammates were ready for the competition. He thought that other teams were just as prepared, but he thinks that the team had a dominant performance because “we might just have been smarter.” Pleased with his performance, Adeyemo is looking forward to continue academic decathlon in the years to come.

  Although the team’s performance is not a thing to be disregarded, the veterans of the team were not particularly surprised. The team has historically been dominant at all levels of competition it has participated in, especially in the small school division.

  “We usually win the small school championship,” coach Dave Cormier said.

However, the veterans were pleasantly surprised when they compared their scores with those of Pius.

  “Pius still is better in the honors category than us, but our scholastic and varsity guys did really well,” Broden Kaps ’17 said. “We might have to worry about Bellevue East, and we might have a chance of beating Pius at state and winning state this year.” Although the team has been first place out of the small schools at state, it has never been able to be first overall. Pius has been the overall state champions the last few years, so the team is very much hopeful that they may be able to beat Pius and win state.

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First Academic Decathlon Scrimmage: A First of Many Victories to Come