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Food, Fun, and Bottle Flipping

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Every year, students celebrate the upcoming Night of Knights by coming together to have a luncheon and enjoy some “friendly” competition between classes. This year was no different.

All of the students came together in the gym to enjoy some space-themed food, and practice the art of bottle-flipping.

“It was a great time. I really enjoyed spending time with all of my classmates and it really added to the fun of Catholic Schools Week,” Sebastian Esquivel ’19 said.       

The theme for Night of Knights is “Looking to the Future” this year so the alien-themed food was appropriate. The students stuffed themselves with moon rocks (hamburgers), Martian blood (lemonade), and alien eyes (hard-boiled eggs). Those interviewed seemed to enjoy the cleverly named foods and had only positive reviews on the food.

“I think that the food itself was really good but I really enjoyed the names because they were pretty funny,” Sam Eberle ’19 said.

The main event of the Night of Knights kickoff is usually a competition between the different grade levels. This year the game was centered around bottle-flipping. Each class chose their top 5 bottle-flippers and they competed to see who could finish a bottle-flipping ‘relay’.

The Sophomore class came out on top with a team consisting of Taylor Davis, Sam Eberle, Cole Dorfmeyer, Sebastian DeMayo, and Robert Khorram. The participants felt that it really required a ‘team’ mentality to come out on top

“I was able to complete the final part but it was really the whole team that made us win,” Taylor Davis ‘19 said.

The event was generally seen as a success by the students. It was a great opportunity to educate students, especially transfer students and freshman, about what goes on at Night of Knights and the importance of it in our community.

“I can’t wait for Night of Knights. It will be my first one since I just came this year and I think it’s going to be a great experience,” Diego Amian ‘19 said.

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Food, Fun, and Bottle Flipping