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The Chinese Spring Break

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Every year at spring break, some of the Chinese students fly to other cities to relax and see more of the country. This year, Vincent Dai’ 17, Eric Zhang’17, Allen Cheng’19, Harry Yin’19 and Kevin Zhang’19 went to Los Angeles..

Getting up after 11:00 a.m almost everyday and seeking for lunch directly — Not even brunch.

“We never had mornings.” Dai said.

The majority of the trip was mostly spent shopping at various malls, or eating at Chinese restaurants. Dai and Yin also enjoyed walking around  Beverly Hills. They saw many luxury cars and famous clothing brands.

“I’ve never seen millions of dollars flying in front of my eyes so fast.” Yin said.

The highlight of the trip was a day in the Universal Studio. Although some of the group had been to the park before, . Cheng, Yin and Dai finally rode “The Revenge of the Mummy”, a roller coaster with lots of drops and turns.

The ride was fierce, and during the ride there was a camera capturing passenger’s emotions when they were scared. Then, passengers who choose to pay can get pictures of their scared, crazy expressions.. However, the group  made another use of it.

After the sixth ride, they came out running, holding the picture of all three of them doing the same pose on the ride. The workers there were surprised by their “courage”.

“We did not know where the camera was located, so it took us several rides to just figure out when the camera would appear.” Cheng said.

Riding the coaster six times had some side effects.

“I was so dizzy after six times of Mummy ride,” Dai said, “but it was so worth it.”

For one of the group the thrill wore off after awhile.
“We were trying to get the feeling of having our souls out of our bodies,” Yin said, “But I didn’t get it, in the later times, I have no feelings already.”

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The Chinese Spring Break