Ramold Runs Under Friday Night Lights

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Ramold Runs Under Friday Night Lights

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A rising star in the Sophomore class, Jackson Ramold ‘20, has been making waves on the football field. After being forced onto the JVR team his freshman year due to the talent in the senior class, it was hard for the coaches to notice his ability. In his opening varsity game, he rushed for 93 yards and blasted everyone away.

“I really didn’t expect to come out in my first game against the big boys and rush for almost 100 yards, I was sure it was a fluke, but somehow I came out the next two weeks and busted out similar numbers,” said Rammold. After his first game, Ramold came out to school the following Monday to learn he had won athlete of the week for football, meaning the coaches had voted and decided that he deserved it more than anyone on the team.

“It blew me away when I got to school and people started walking up to me and mentioning the athlete of the week thing. At the time I didn’t even know what that meant and I just thought they were making fun of me. When I walked out into the hall and saw my picture on the board it was shocking,” said Rammold.

When Ramold first started playing football in third grade for his Elkhorn team, he played linemen and never really questioned it. According to Ramold, he was “trash” so he understands why they put him there.

“To be honest, all the success I’ve had is because of my parents and the linemen. My parents pushed me to work hard and they made me who I am today. Of course, the rest is because of the linemen getting those beefy blocks on the defense,” said Rammold. Truth be told, Ramold’s success can be attributed to his ability to get low and run hard.

“He’s been able to step up and make plays as only a sophomore and I am always confident when I hand him the ball,” said Sid deMayo ‘19. As starting quarterback, deMayo has to be able to trust the people whose hands he puts the ball into and Rammold is not hard to trust.

“One of my closest buds on the team is Garrett Globe, me and him both play really similar positions on defense and we work out together in our strength class. That brought us closer and I’m glad I have had him to kinda show me the ropes and keep me motivated,” said Rammold. Friendship and closeness are one of the most important parts of being motivated to work hard and succeed in football.

“I have two favorite memories from high school football. One is the feeling I got after the Platteview game when we were able to score and pull out the win. The other memory is freshman year when Sean Stumpf broke his arm in one of our first games. Looking back, it shouldn’t have been as funny as it was,” said Ramold. Rammold has a lot of great memories already from his high school career. Another one of Rammolds favorite things about practice are all the quotes that people say.

“My favorite thing that gets said during practice has to be ‘Getcha a shot of water’ because the way coach Fuller says it is so southern and exactly the same every time. It’s also really funny when people say ‘c’mon Garrett’ to make him mad,’ said Rammold.

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