Drafting Team Imagines New Life for Old

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Click the picture to see more renderings and floor plans made by the Drafting III team.


As the old transitions to the new, the old is often left empty or unused. The DJ Sokol Learning for life building will be able to house all of the classrooms by April 2018. All classes except for the ones taught by Dave Cormier (Academic Decathlon and world religions), Fr. Richard (speech), Bro. Rodgers (theatre) Father Dan (art), and band will take place in the new building.

  That possibly leaves 14 unused classrooms, an empty library, and empty offices.

  “It seems like a waste to leave it empty, we have been given all this space and we are not utilizing it to its full potential,” Gerald Righter ‘19, a member of the Drafting III team, said.

  That is why plans to utilize and remodel the space are beginning to go underway. The Management Team made up of Dr. Peters, Dave Cormier, Fr. Louis, Derek Spooner, Jim Lewis, and Kim Volpone have come up with various concepts and designs. The Drafting III program made up of six juniors, is also working on specific designs and plans collaborating with the management team.

  “Having a student’s perspective when thinking about remodeling this empty space will help draw in more students in the future. If we make this space more appealing to a teenager’s eye, more and more people will want to enroll,” Quinton Mohr ‘19, a member of the Drafting III team, said.

  On the third floor, the empty library is planned to be converted to freshman dorm space. It will most likely involve the library containing the studying space and the desks for a while. The plan down the road is to make several “pods” by putting two bunks by each other and putting walls on three of the sides, leaving one open. The current design would fit at least 11 “pods” and space for relaxing and hanging out. The rest of the third floor is planned to remain the same at the moment.

  “I really like the idea of different pods, it allows more privacy than what is in the dorms currently,” Cole Wilber ‘21 said. “That would be an awesome dorm.”

  On the bottom floor or lowest level of the building, the plan is to take out the separation wall between the two religion rooms by the kitchen, and make the dining room larger. Later down the line, the hallway walls would be taken out to make it one big eating space. According to Facilities Director Jim Lewis, this remodel will be farther down the road because as soon as those walls are taken out, the “Grandfather Rights” go with them. “Grandfather Rights” are present in older buildings preventing the installation of elevators, extensive and expensive inspections, and renovations, to be able to be up to code. However, it will happen eventually.

  “The bottom floor is full of potential, and there is plenty of room to work with. I think the plans that have been discussed are the best uses of space for the needs of the school,” Aidan Pace ‘19 a member of the drafting team said.

  According to Lewis, the bookstore will move to one of the empty classrooms on the bottom floor, and eventually into a planned wing in the new building. The art room will remain art, the teacher’s office right by the stairwell will become the monastic room, and the French and Spanish 1 and 4 rooms are still up for debate.

  Walking down the hallway, room 103 and the former senior day student locker room will all become a renovated home-team locker room with lockers, film watching space, a training room, and showers. The current athletic training room will become an official’s lounge.

On the other side of the ramp, the old drafting room, the sophomore-junior day student locker room and some storage will become part of a visiting team locker room with showers.

  On the second floor, with nine rooms open, some classrooms will go to band and Academic Decathlon. Then there is a plan to create senior suites. These are planned to be spacious four man dorms the size of a classroom complete with walk in closets, a joined showering room, and endless possibilities. This would also give more space for the other dorm space where the seniors currently reside.

  “I feel that this is a good expansion for the Mount Michael community,” Sam Wooten ‘20 said. “They look like college rooms, living up to the ‘college prep’ portion of the school.”

Eventually, the empty rooms will become something more.

“The fact that this new building has come to fruition shows that anything is possible, so thinking outside of the box for the old building is totally reasonable,” Marilyn Theis Drafting Teacher said. “I also think that people that live there need to have a voice in the matter.”

  The next phase of the DJ Sokol Building is an added on space on the east side, behind the building. It would include a gym and auditorium, music and art rooms and much more. The old and the new will meld together, and hold the test of time.   



If there are any questions feel free to ask administration or the Drafting team (Aidan Pace, Cole Kalkowski, Gerald Righter, Jarrett Cline, Quinton Mohr, and Sam Peters)

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