The Freelance

2017-2018 Staff

Mike Kremer

Staff Writer

Mike Kremer is a sophomore day student .He is a staff writer that enjoys writing sports and entertainment...

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Callan Farrell

Staff Writer

Callan Farrell is a staff writer for the publications team. He enjoys spending time with his friends,...

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Brayden Whitaker

Staff Writer

Brayden Whitaker is a sophomore and a staff writer for the journalism team. He writes feature and ent...

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Kolton Koubsky

Staff Writer

Kolton Koubsky is a sophomore staff writer. Kolton prefers writing feature articles, and he joined the...

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Mason Matukewicz

Staff writer

Mason Matukewicz, a native of Southwest Omaha, is a staff writer.  He enjoys writing news and opinion...

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Jacob Gathje

Staff Writer

Jacob Gathje is a sophomore staff writer for the Mount Michael journalism team. Besides writing, Jacob al...

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Alexander Schrier

Staff Writer

Alexander Schrier is a staff writer for the productions team. He prides himself on writing unbiased new...

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Jimmy Kim

Staff writer

Jimmy Kim really enjoys reading news article, especially regarding the international relationships and...

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Sam Wooten

Staff Writer

Sam Wooten is a staff writer for The Freelance. He is a long-term thinker that lies awake at night wonder...

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Ben Bies

Copy Editor

Ben Bies is the Copy Editor for all publications, including the online, print and yearbook.  He is a s...

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Joe Hitzemann

Social Media Editor

Joe Hitzemann is the social media director for the publications team.  When he is not tweeting, he plays...

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Skyler Davis

Staff Writer

Skyler Davis is a staff writer for the journalism team. He also takes photos.  He participates in cross...

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Kyeongmin Kim

Head Graphic Designer

Kyeongmin Kim is an international student from Seoul, South Korea.  He is the graphics editor. He is a...

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Andrew Nigro

Staff writer

Andrew Nigro is a senior and this is his third year on the journalism team.  Andrew is involved with...

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Taylor Davis

Assistant Yearbook Editor

Taylor Davis is a junior who lives in Bennington, Nebraska. He is an assistant editor for the yearbo...

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Cole Kalkowski

Indepth Editor

Cole Kalkowski is currently a junior. He is the In-Depth editor for the print edition.  He participate...

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Nicholas Orr

Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook

Nicholas Orr is a senior and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook. He is a graduate of St. Patrick's...

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Nolan Zeger

Section Editor

Nolan Zeger is a junior from Elkhorn, Nebraska.  He is the section editor of News and Opinion in the prin...

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Jimmy Crotty

Lead Photographer

Jimmy Crotty is a junior and lives in Blair, Nebraska. He enjoys reading, walking through the gullies,...

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Joey Recker

Print Editor-in-Chief

Joey Recker is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of the monthly print edition, "The Mount." He is a top runner...

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Drew Carleton

Section Editor

Drew Carleton is the features/sports section editor. Drew graduated from St. Stephen the Martyr and is t...

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Hudson Hohman

Online Editor in Chief

Hudson Hohman is a senior and Editor in Chief of the Freelance and the author of "The Hud House." He i...

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